Scott and Julie Brusaw hoped that one day, they’d be able to replace American roadways and parking lots with energy-producing solar panels that are strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic. After 8-years and a lot of experimentation as well as funding struggles, their company Solar Roadways has unveiled their first parking lot made of hexagonal solar panels. In addition to harvesting solar energy, they also have circuit boards, programmable LEDS, and a heating element that melts ice and snow, all covered in “super-strength” textured glass. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Inhabitat, “Not only does the parking lot harvest energy, it also incorporates overhead utilities and repositions underground utilities for more efficient use. Power and data cables line a cable corridor alongside the parking lot, which provides easy access to power and data companies. This eliminates the need for overhead power lines and amazingly removes cell phone dead spots. The cable corridor is able to house all kinds of cables, including TV, fiber optics for high speed internet, and phone. Another function of this incredibly smart parking lot is to store, treat and redistribute storm water.”