SolarWindow Technologies

SolarWindow Technologies have unveiled ground-breaking power generating windows that can generate 50-times more energy than traditional solar panels. What sets this technology apart from is that it can be readily applied as a coating to any glass window or plastic surface to instantly generate electricity, even in artificial light and shade. The company claims that their product can generate more energy at a lower cost and provide return on investment in just one year – conventional solar systems require between 5-11 years to recoup initial investment. Continue reading for a video of the actual product and more information.

“SolarWindows Technologies is a different story. Today’s webinar only mentioned that the coatings would be primarily organic – made mainly from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen – but was vague on the scientific details. However, if SolarWindows are expected to produce 50 times the energy of traditional PV cells we can probably assume they’ll be converting visible light into electricity as well. There are a number of different layers in the coating, but the most important ones the company touched on are the Active layer, where electricity is generated by absorption of light, and the Transparent conductors, which allow the electricity to be extracted. The liquid coatings would be applied at ambient pressures and dried at low temperatures to produce transparent films,” reports Inhabitat.