Soon, all internet users will have access to free 3D printable guns, thanks to Defense Distributed, a startup that wants to extend the U.S. Second Amendment rights to the entire world. They hope to test prototypes of the printable weapons by the end of the year. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Wiki Weapon’s designs are intended for printing on the kinds of 3D printers available to hobbyists, such as the RepRap – a low-cost open source prototyping system designed to be easily distributed. The people behind the project see it as the ultimate expression of free speech, with the advent of 3D printing representing the kind of advance that the orginal printing press gave to society.

Answering the question ‘why guns?’, Defense Distributed says on its website: ‘Guns prove out some of our younger generations� beliefs about information and sharing at an extremity. ‘If we truly believe information should be free, that the internet is the last bastion of freedom and knowledge, and that societies that share are superior to societies that censor and withhold, then why not guns?’


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