Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2

Power Practical’s Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0 doesn’t require fuel and it has a built-in LED flashlight too, all for $19.99, today only. The new 2.0 version has the flashlight activation changed to a 3 button click you won’t accidentally turn it on in your pocket or bag. The plasma spark was also changed to a custom frequency so it no longer creates the high-pitch sound associated with plasma lighters. Simply plug the included micro-USB cable into any USB port when the power gets low and you’re set for another 100 – 300 sparks. Product page.

Constructed from lightweight, yet durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate, it’s highly convenient to carry around in your pocket, while its windproof X patterned dual arcs make lighting up easy regardless how windy or cold it may be. It’s specially design to light just the tip of a cigarette by being perfectly spaced so the sparks suck into a cigarette just like a regular flame. More information.