Sphericam 2

Sphericam 2 is essentially a 360° camera that enables its users to capture everything around them without any blind spots. Slightly smaller than a tennis ball, Sphericam 2 contains 6-cameras in total that each record in stunning 4K resolution. WiFi-connectivity allows you to stream content right to your desktop or smartphone. You can even use the mobile app to start/stop recording, monitor the view while recording, transfer, view and edit their footage on-the-fly. Not just for recording video, Sphericam 2 is also VR ready (Samsung Gear, Oculus, etc.). Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Featuring the ability to capture video at 60 frames per second in a whopping 4K, the Sphericam 2 is not skimping out on video quality. This is, of course, much more important for something like virtual reality, in which any lack of quality can hugely diminish the realism of a given scene. For those who don’t want to handle such big files, however, there are other options. Users can choose to instead record video at 30fps, and there are a few different video compression options, too,” reports Tech Times.

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