Sprite Drone Rugged

Unlike other drones, some of which may be small and very low-priced – like the Hubsan H107L, the cylindrical Sprite is ultra portable, thanks in part to sets of blades that fold down when not in use. Inside the ultra durable, water-resistant airframe are the electronics that enable fully autonomous autopilot with GPS and inflight telemetry. There are also a host of flight modes, such as waypoint navigation and “follow me.” It’s capable of shooting 1080p HD video, complete with stabilization assist from a 2-axis gimbal. It has a range of up to 4-miles and offers a push-button interface for convenience. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Ascent co-founder Peter Fuchs says: “Existing quadcopter and multi-rotor models that are out there just aren’t that portable. You can’t put them in a backpack, you can’t fold them up.” Best of all, the on-board camera can be swapped out for a GoPro or any compatible small camera that you may have. Company page.

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