Spyder Projector Headlights aim to combine technology with style for a plethora of cars. Whether it be a halo, LED, or day-time running configurations, they have you covered. Continue reading for the full review and videos — brought to you by Redline Motive.


The goal of many car enthusiasts is to make their vehicle more stylish without having to spend a bundle on body work, engine modifications, etc. These Spyder Projector Headlights, for cars like the Chrysler 300C, will do just that, and with most models priced at under $200. Aren’t handy with tools or even reading instruction manuals? Fear not, installation is a breeze, requiring no more than 1-hour at longest using tools that can be found at your local hardware / automotive store.

Take for example, this Honda Prelude model. Just remove your stock headlights, mount the new ones, and you’re ready to go. A direct plug-and-play installation. Other options include: chrome or black housings and even projector headlights with both LED and halo technologies integrated. The advantages of LED projector headlights include slightly lower power consumption, longer lifespans, and much more flexible design possibilities.

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