What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession for Star Trek fan Tony Alleyne. Shortly before splitting from his wife Georgina , Tony replaced their refrigerator with a “warp coil” because he thought other Trekkies would pay for these types of conversions. Than came molded walls, touch-panel blue lighting, custom command console, porthole shaped windows, and even a life-sized model of the transporter room. He racked up over $174,000 in debt trying to get his idea off the ground. Here is what Tony had to say:

“But I was wrong and just overstretched. Building it in my apartment was the enjoyable and easy bit. But then I got hooked up with marketing and merchandise people here and in America and it all got out of hand. I’m still proud of what I created but it’s been a financial disaster.”

Source: [UberReview]

Image Source: [GizMag]