Yes, the Maybach Exelero actually costs $8-million because there was only one made…ever. It’s based on “the Maybach 57 and powered by a 700-horsepower version of that car’s turbocharged V12, the Exelero reached 218 mph at Nardo.” Rapper and music mogul “Birdman” purchased this beast from European entrepreneur Arnaud Massartic last year. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.


The Exelero embodies the highest expression to date of the Maybach individualization strategy of offering specific custom solutions on request. In initial tests on the high-speed track in Nardo (Italy), the unique vehicle reached a top speed of 351.45 km/h. Developers at Maybach designed the custom model with the participation of students from Pforzheim College. The Exelero was built by the prototype specialists at Stola in Turin (Italy). There are no plans to produce the model in series.


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