Your home’s walls aren’t just good for TVs, as you’ll see in our list of stylish gadgets — includes the AQUAVISTA 500. Which one is your favorite?

AQUAVISTA 500 – Wall Mounted Aquarium

The AQUAVISTA 500 by AquaVista Inc. is a slim (4.4-inches thick), wall mounted aquarium that “combines the elegance of art with proprietary technology to add life to art.” More information here.

Each 6.6 gallon unit comes pre-assembled with advanced filtration, heater, air pump, lighting and an embedded LCD control panel that has automatic timer and thermostat

LG’s Wall Mounted Projector

ShinyMedia gives us a hands-on look at LG’s wall-mounted projector. Aesthetically, it’s an industrial work of art — taking home the 2006 iF Design Gold Award. This projector puts convenience first with a remote controlled lens door, auto focus, zoom, and venitilator. It features near silent operation (25 db) and can project a 100-inch image from a distance of 3.8m – 5.3m.

Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Stylish yet simple, this wall-mounted fireplace by Vertigo fixes to any wall and features patented catalytic technology. It’s priced at around $2,400 and requires a natural gas hookup.

Ok, so maybe installation isn’t as easy as hanging a picture since you do require a natural gas hookup, but I bet this will draw a lot more attention than a photo of the family dog. And besides providing obvious mood lighting and extra heat the Vertigo also has a patented catalytic system that will burn off the odorous and stale air in whatever room it’s mounted in