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Photoshop CC Content-Aware Fill New

Adobe’s Photoshop CC October 2018 update adds several new functions, including a new Content-Aware Fill workspace that lets you change the selected source and adapt content based on rotation, scale, and mirroring. Previously, the software was limited to a simple select and delete functionality. In other words, the Content-Aware fill tool can now replace missing sections of a photo with something that doesn’t exist perfectly in the original itself, thanks to artificial intelligence. Read more for another in-depth video along with additional information.

Adobe MovingStills

Today at the Adobe MAX 2018 conference, Adobe introduced MovingStills for the Creative Cloud, a feature that lets you essentially transform still photographs into cinematic sequences. It uses artificial intelligence to create a parallax based on the photo’s data, which is turned into a video shot with a moving camera. Continue reading for the full tech demo video and more information.

Adobe Photoshop iPad

Adobe announced Photoshop CC for the iPad at its annual Adobe MAX conference, offering a full Photoshop experience for your mobile device. “We’re completely rethinking the user experience for a modern touch device. You’ll find it familiar, but also adapted in smart ways for the device. We’ve designed Photoshop on iPad with natural touch gestures in mind to speed up workflow. No exporting, importing, converting to different formats, or fixing whatever didn’t properly convert. It all just seamlessly works” said Adobe. Continue reading for a hands-on video preview and more information.

Photo credit: PhotoshopTroll

Sometimes, you just need to crop a person or two out of a photo, but when you ask a Photoshop troll for help, things can get a bit weird. This person wanted “the man on the tricycle” placed on a white background, and what he got, was something totally different. Continue reading to see the aftermath.

Adobe senior researcher Jue Wang has posted a set of images that have been run through the incredible deblur filter that we covered a few weeks back. Just to recap, the “de-blurring tool is only designed to correct for camera shake and not blurring created by motion or the subject being out of focus.” The picture above shows Hwanho Sunrise Park in Pohang, Korea. Continue reading to see them all.

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During the Adobe’s MAX conference, a company spokesperson demonstrated an all-new tool that “can convert full Flash animation into HTML5 on the fly — it not only supports animations, but elements within those animations.” Continue reading for the video.

Those animations or interactions will now be viewable on all kinds of devices – including the iPhone and iPad. This is where we think that this HTML5 conversion tool has real possibilities.

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