Cell Phones


Verizon Robocall Blocking

Photo credit: NoMoRobo
Whether if you’re on a landline or purely wireless, Verizon will soon offer their third party rated number one spam and robocalling protection features to all customers for free – previously they charged $3/month for Call Filter service. “We are continuously updating our algorithm and to date have identified nearly 300 million numbers associated with spam and robocalling. In March, we will be rolling out our free spam alerting and call blocking tools to all of our wireless customers whose smartphones support these features, including iPhone and Android devices,” said the company in a press release. Read more for another video on stopping robocallers and additional information.

Motorola RAZR Mobile Phone Droid RAZR M
The Droid Razr M is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone that was released in 2012, now Lenovo could be bringing the RAZR back as a $1,500 foldable mobile phone that could be launched as early as February, according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s reported to be priced around $1,500, and could look similar to the Royole FlexPai or it may work like the RAZR V4 concept, where the top half folds down when not in use. There’s no word yet on what kind of processor, camera, RAM, storage, etc. it would have, but at that price point, it should at least compete with Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone. Read more for a video of the foldable Motorola V4 and additional information.

Ditch Your Smartphone $100k

Vitaminwater says they’ll pay you $100,000 to ditch your smartphone /tablet for a year, and it does requires entrants to go a full 365 days without using their device(s), as well as anyone else’s. The selected person will have to sign a contract committing to no smartphone usage for the duration of the contest, and if they are discovered to have followed this strict rule, the prize money will be rewarded. To enter, entrants are required to post a photo on Twitter or Instagram telling Vitamin Water why you need a break from your smartphone by January 8, 2019, with the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest – the winner will be selected on January 22nd. Read more for another news report and additional information, including “the catch”.

California Texting Tax
California’s public utilities commission is set to vote to approve taxing text messages next month, so sending texts and emojis could soon cost you more on top of your monthly bill. This new proposal aims to expand the public programs tax to text messages, while others argue that some service wireless carriers — the ones who bundle services — already charge the proposed tax on texting. To be more specific, many wireless carriers bundle services and charged a fixed rate, so those consumers already pay a surcharge on the cost for their texts. However, for plans structured with separate costs for voice and texting services, this would be a new surcharge. Read more for a news report and additional information.

NTT DoCoMo KY-O1L Thinnest Phone

NTT DoCoMo’s KY-O1L by Kyocera has been named a “card phone,” and rightfully so. This credit card-sized device is touted as the world’s thinnest and lightest cell phone, measuring in at 5.3mm thick, while weighing a mere 47g. It features a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper screen, LTE connectivity, and a 380mAh battery. Continue reading for three more pictures and additional information.

MakerPhone DIY Phone

For just $89, the MAKERphone is an Arduino-based, DIY mobile phone kit that comes disassembled, and once completed, it aims to teach even novices more about programming (Python, Scratch, etc.) as well as basic electronics. The device itself sports a GSM module, dual-core processor, 128×160 pixel color LCD display, antenna, sound module, and yes, a headphone jack. Continue reading for more pictures, information and the Kickstarter page.

Zanco T1 Smallest Cell Phone

Small cell phones are nothing new, but the “Zanco Tiny T1” takes the crown for world’s smallest, or so the company claims. Measuring in at just 21mm x 46.7mm and weighing 13g, this coin-sized device is compatible with nano SIM cards and features only the necessities, which include a speaker, microphone, keypad, 12.5mm OLED display as well as a mirco USB charging port. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Shaver Phone

It’s not everyday that you find a modern cell phone with anything less than an 8-megapixel camera, but this bizarre model not only underwhelms with a 0.3-megapixel shooter, but it doubles as a functional shaver as well. That’s right, simply remove the top cover, flip a switch, and you’re ready to groom, but just in case there’s a power outage, a bright LED light ensures that the room stays illuminated. Oh, let’s not forget the phone’s dual SIM card slots for your travels. Continue reading for another hands-on video, more pictures and information.

Google Pixel 3 XL

Based on leaked images and analysts reports, Google’s Pixel 3 XL is reported to have an edge-to-edge display as well as two front-facing cameras. To make this happen, Google is allegedly partnering with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn, better known as the iPhone manufacturer, to build “new display hardware.” Continue reading for more pictures, another video and additional information.

Huawei Mate 20

The Huawei P20 Pro already has a triple lens camera system, but why stop there? The company is set to release their Mate 20 smartphone at the end of 2018, and while Apple is ‘likely to launch a new iPhone model with a triple-lens rear camera in the second half of next year,’ this device could top them all with a quad lens camera system. Continue reading for more pictures and information.