Braun Instant Camera Concept
Photo credit: Arihant Israni via Yanko Design
Fujifilm’s INSTAX MINI 12 is a mighty fine instant camera, but what if Braun were to put their touch on a similar device? Industrial designer Arihant Israni thinks it would look something like this concept. “Braun Design” was coined as an approach to creating products that combine technical innovation, a new aesthetic, and user friendliness.

Fusion JC7 Flying Car Jet Bugatti
Photo credit: Greg Brown via Robb Report
Automotive designer Greg Brown’s Fusion JC7 stands out from any other flying car concept you’ve seen, as it combines Bugatti Chiron looks with the ability to take to the skies. Power comes from two electric Tesla motors generating a combined 1,000 hp and 920 lb-ft of torque, enabling it to hit 60 mph in under 4-seconds.