Samsung YinYang Wireless Earbuds
Photo credit: Felipe Duarte via Yanko Design
In Ancient Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang symbolizes dualism as well as describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. The Samsung YinYang feature an inflatable hook to ensure they don’t fall out of your ears, while wireless charging and built-in magnets make recharging them a breeze. Read more for additional pictures.

AirPods 3 Concept
Photo credit: Xhakomo Doda
You either love the look of Apple AirPods or you don’t, and the standard model is long overdue for a refresh. Designer Xhakomo Doda came up with an interesting concept that does not deviate from its predecessor, but rather gives it an even more minimalist look. The two earbuds can either be docked to a wireless-charging baseplate, stuck together or secured on a Mac or iPad Pro. Read more for additional pictures.

Mercedes C111 II Quad-Rotor
First unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, the Mercedes C111-II quad-rotor boasts a mid-mounted rotary engine producing 345 horsepower, enabling it to hit 60 mph in under 5 seconds, while topping out at 186 mph. Believe it or not, this concept was also the first car to ever be designed entirely on a computer. This meant that engineers could predict dynamic loads and also speed up the design process by four months. Read more for a test drive video, additional pictures and information.

Aston Martin Bulldog
Designed by William Towns, the Aston Martin Bulldog is a one-off concept vehicle produced by the company in 1979. The code name for the project was originally DP K9.01, the name of a Doctor Who character, and a production run of 15–25 cars was initially planned, but the project was deemed too costly and only one was built. Read more for an up-close look at the unique supercar.

Briggs Stratton Hybrid
Even before the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius, there was the 1980 Briggs & Stratton Hybrid concept car. This company was a famous builder of small engines for everything from washing machines to lawn mowers. However, this vehicle wasn’t built for speed, as Richard Petty managed to only hit 68 mph on a closed course, while Briggs & Stratton Engineering Technician Craig Claerbout achieved 60 mph. All things considered, this isn’t half bad for an twin-cylinder Briggs engine producing just 18hp. Read more to see Jay Leno get up close with the car.

Mazda 9 Supercar
Photo credit: Joseph Robinson
Since the RX-8 ended production in 2012, the Mazda Wankel rotary engine is produced only for single seater racing, with the one-make Star Mazda Championship being contested with a Wankel engine until 2017 (transitioned to Mazda-branded piston engine in 2018). What if the automaker were to combine this with an electric motor in supercar form? Introducing the Mazda 9 Supercar by designer Joseph Robinson. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Armortruck SUV
Photo credit: Milen Ivanov
Automobile designer Milen Ivanov seems to have an affinity for Halo vehicles, or so we’d like to think after seeing his futuristic Armortruck SUV concept. Think of it as a Rezvani Tank meets Lamborghini Urus, but with gullwing doors. If properly configured, this massive vehicle could probably take on some of the toughest battlefields. Read more for a video and additional pictures.

Motorola Revolve Smartphone
The new Motorola RAZR drew inspiration from the original feature phone line of the same name, and uses a clamshell design to conceal a 6.2-inch 21:9 OLED display, while the exterior features a secondary 2.7-inch “Quick View” display to access selected features when the device is closed. Now what if instead of a folding display, there were two OLED displays? Meet the Motorola Revolve. The RAZR’s screen is protected by a stainless-steel frame, and is “scuff resistant”, but the Revolve’s may just be covered in Gorilla Glass to prevent scratching. Read more for additional pictures.

Bugatti HT Hyper Truck
Photo credit: Prathyush Devadas
If Bugatti decided to built a full-sized semi truck, the Hyper Truck is what it could look like. Created by industrial designer Prathyush Devadas of Chinese firm Dongfeng, this massive vehicle retains the automaker’s iconic “C” line up front, while the cab is suspended inside this area, thus giving it a front chin bumper that could take on a few obstacles without issues. Read more for additional pictures.

TCL Tri-Fold Smartphone
TCL first unveiled their tri-fold smartphone prototype last year, but that was just a non-functional device, Today, they revealed a working prototype, complete with their patented “DragonHinge,” which enables one to bend it in multiple directions, and as you’re about to see, still has some quirks they need to work out before it heads to production. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.