Citroen Oli Concept Electric SUV
You’ve seen a broken down Citroen 2CV turned motorcycle, now check out the Citroen Oli concept, which is supposed to be a Swiss Army Knife-inspired electric SUV. More specifically, this is a multi-purpose everyday extension to your life that is as useful when you aren’t driving, complete with smart ‘Vehicle to Grid’ (V2G) as well as ‘Vehicle to Load’ (V2L) capability for enjoyable driving.

DALL-E 2 AI Apple Car Concept MacBook
When DALL-E 2 isn’t being asked to generate the last selfie ever take on Earth, it can be used to design an Apple Car concept, or at least that’s what industrial designer John Mauriello decided to do. For those who don’t know how the AI model works, it basically creates multiple interpretations of the same prompt, and in this case, it was: “minimalist sports car inspired by MacBook”.

Tesla SpaceX Hypercar Elon Musk
Photo credit: Maximilian Schneider via Car Scoops
Automotive designer Maximilian Schneider is quite familiar with supercars after working at Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen, so it’s no surprise that he has a few ideas for a potential Tesla hypercar. Called the Tesla X SpaceX Model R, this concept builds upon the upcoming second-generation Tesla Roadster and adds a glass cockpit, along with downforce boosters.