Julian Checkley Batman Suit
Photo credit: Julian Checkley via Kotaku
Homemade Batman suits are nothing special, but this one by Julian Checkley most certainly stands out as one of the coolest we’ve ever come across. Everything on this 7-foot-tall suit was sculpted, molded and cast in various grades of urethane rubber and it weighs in at a hefty 150 pounds. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there are no working weapons or gizmos on the suit. Read more for additional pictures.

Predator Costume Motorcycle
Photo credit: Imgur
One fan of The Predator, an extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science-fiction franchise, decided to take his fandom to the next level by wearing a full-body costume while riding a custom motorcycle. This alien chopper on a road in Thailand’s Mukdahan province was understandably stopped by Thai police, as the mask probably offers nowhere near the protection a real motorcycle helmet does. Read more for a video and additional information.

Cosplayer Rifle Beach
Photo credit: Peta Pixel
Before planning a cosplay shoot with fake weapons, make sure it isn’t in a public area, or else you may end up on the news, and not for the reasons you’d expect. One woman was spotted holding what appeared to be a rifle at Seacliff State Beach in Monterey Bay, and even though she was dressed in a costume, some people said it was not the right place or time to do that, especially with children in the vicinity. Read more for the news report and additional information.

Carolina Ravassa Overwatch Sombra Voice Cosplay

Photo credit: Mineral Blu
Carolina Ravassa is a Colombian actress and producer best known for her voice over work in television series and video games, most notably Sombra from the video game Overwatch. Instead of just voicing the character, she decided to cosplay as Sombra for Katsucon, an annual three-day anime convention, complete with a custom costume made just for her. Read more for another video and additional information.

Nova Terra Cosplay

Photo credit: Beethy Photography via Peta Pixel

Australia-based photographer Beethy teamed up with cosplayer Lyz Brickley this this amazing Nova Terra (StarCraft) cosplay shoot after Blizzcon. “I couldn’t wait to shoot it. Lyz has a background as a very experienced model. Which means she’s absolutely incredible at following directions and understanding whatever creative vision I have for our shoots. So I had the idea of going to the desert in California for the shoot as I thought the yellows would contrast really nicely against the primarily muted blue tones of her character,” said Beethy. Continue reading to see the entire process.

Mystique Cosplay

Photo credit: Magneto Mystique via Bored Panda

For those who don’t know, San Diego Comic Con was originally founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970 by a group of San Diegans that included Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry; later, the name was changed to the “San Diego Comic Book Convention”. It’s basically a four-day event (Thursday – Sunday) held during the summer (in July since 2003) at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego. This is where you not only get to meet celebrities, but see countless number of fans dress up as their favorite pop culture characters, like X-Men’s Mystique. Continue reading to see more. Click here for a few bonus images.

Photo credit: TheMeta

For those who’ve never heard of this franchise, Metal Gear is basically a series of historical fiction action-adventure stealth video games, created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. The first game, Metal Gear, was released in 1987 for the MSX2. The player takes control of a special forces operative Solid Snake who is assigned to find the titular superweapon “Metal Gear”, a bipedal walking tank with the ability to launch nuclear weapons. Above, we have a fan who brought this game to life. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for a video of the final New World Trade Center spire being lifted into place via GoPro footage.