Cosplayer Rifle Beach
Photo credit: Peta Pixel
Before planning a cosplay shoot with fake weapons, make sure it isn’t in a public area, or else you may end up on the news, and not for the reasons you’d expect. One woman was spotted holding what appeared to be a rifle at Seacliff State Beach in Monterey Bay, and even though she was dressed in a costume, some people said it was not the right place or time to do that, especially with children in the vicinity. Read more for the news report and additional information.

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office says openly carrying a gun even if it’s a replica, is not a good idea, and they urge those who see people with them to report when one is seen in a public setting. “They may know it’s a replica. As we’ve seen in the picture they’re walking around having a good time with what they know may be a fake firearm, but our responding officers don’t have any idea what they’re walking into, as well as the other public member that are on the beach,” said the Sheriff’s Office.