Adidas Fortnite Ninja
Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has just been signed to an apparel deal with Adidas, making him the first pro gamer ever to score a sponsorship from the brand. This comes after he announced a partnership with Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform, in which over 350,000 followers were gained overnight. He’s also partnered with Samsung for their Galaxy S10-exclusive K-pop Fortnite skin and emote. Read more for a video and additional information.

Fortnite Ninja Twitch Mixer
Popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the most followed streamer on Twitch, and today, he announced that Microsoft’s Mixer is going to be his exclusive streaming platform from now on. He leaves behind 14.7-million followers, along with a large number of paid subscribers. For those who don’t know, “Ninja” started streaming “H1Z1” in 2011 before eventually moving to PUBG, another battle royale game. Read more for a video and additional information.

Dad Son School Fortnite Career
Most parents would cringe at the thought of their child dropping out of school for any reason, much less to game, but that’s exactly what Dave Herzog, a 49-year-old entrepreneur from Sudbury, Canada, planned for his son Jordan. That’s right, since he’s a longtime gamer himself, Jordan sparked his interest in a possible eSports career when he won his first Halo tournament, and took home $2,000 worth of gaming apparel. Now, 16-year-old Jordan “Crimz” Herzog is already one of the world’s top Fortnite players, already having qualified for this year’s World Fortnite Championship along with 200 other players from around the world. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Fortnite Public Service Announcement Signs
Photo credit: Polygon
Fortnite public service announcement signs kick off the week 10 challenges for the season 9 Battle Pass, and they’re located in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant and Mega Mall. Players need to find five of these public service announcement signs – big screens that display a red warning sign – to complete this challenge, and those who are successful will be rewarded with five Battle Stars. All three areas each have more than five signs, which means you can select one and then visit all of the signs there. Read more for a video tutorial, map and additional information.

Fortnite Huge Rubber Duck Giant Beach Umbrella
Fortnite‘s 14 Days of Summer event continues, and the latest challenge will have you visiting a huge rubber duck moving along a river and a giant beach umbrella in a single match, without dying. To start things off, the giant rubber duck will be at different locations in every match, but thankfully, you’ll find it somewhere along the river that crosses Fortnite island, beginning north of Lazy Lagoon and running all the through Loot Lake, Neo Tilted, near Fatal Fields, and west of Lucky Landing. Read more for two videos showing exactly where to find both and additional information.

Fortnite Solar Array
Epic Games has just revealed the Fortnite Week 9 challenges for Season 9. These weekly challenges are separated into hard and regular tiers of difficulty, with the former netting ten Battle Stars, while the latter halves it to five Battle Stars. These Battle Stars level up your Battle Pass, which enables players to unlock all of the skins, emotes and items available. However, if you complete all the weekly challenges, a special Fortnite loading screen is unlocked containing a clue to another Battle Star. This latest challenge has you visiting a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle, worth 5 Battle Stars. Read more for two videos showing their exact locations and additional information.

Flappy Bird Fortnite Battle Royale Game iOS
What happens when Flappy Bird meets Fortnite? You get the 100-player battle royale game called “Flappy Royale”. How does it work? Well, you compete against 99 other players to see who can survive the longest without crashing into one of the endless pipes. Players can customize their bird, and each level starts off with everyone being dropped off in a bus. Simply tap the screen to make the bird fly higher, or should you get tired and stop tapping, Flappy falls to the ground. Read more for a gameplay video and additional information.

Fortnite Beach Ball

Epic Games announced today that the developers behind “Fortnite” have gone on vacation (June 24 – July 8), but they won’t leave players hanging, as a “14 Days of Summer” event has kicked off (June 25 to July 9). Each day, the game’s free-to-play Battle Royale mode will offer a weapon unvaulted for 24 hours, a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) to play, a daily challenge, free reward, a new featured island and new outfits in the item shop. For the second day, there are two challenges now live, with the first involves dancing at six beach parties (video above), and the second to bounce a giant beach ball in five different matches. Read more for another video about the beach ball matches.

Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame

It would only make sense for a collaboration between one of the most popular battle royale games and Avengers: Endgame, right? Well, that’s exactly what Epic Games and Marvel Studios teamed up for. One of the coolest Avengers x Fortnite features is the Limited Time Mode, where players are placed into two teams, the Heroes or Chitauri, and must gain control of all six of the Infinity Stones in a bid to complete the mode and bring home the victory. Yes, players will have a chance to play as Thanos in Fortnite Endgame. Read more for two gameplay videos and additional information on how to play as Thanos.

Fortnite Bouncy Ball

Fortnite’s latest toy-based challenge for players in week 5 involves a bouncy ball, in which players are asked to get 15 bounces with a single throw. It can be found in Tier 26 of the Season 8 battle pass, and there are several ways to approach the challenge, including getting to a high enough point to see if the ball has enough momentum for all thebounces, or build a small enclosed space before throwing it so that the ball bounces off the enclosure. Read more for another video and additional information.