Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Photo credit: Antonio Guillem via Peta Pixel

For those who don’t already know, “Distracted Boyfriend,” also known as “Man Looking at Other Woman,” is basically a stock photo series in which a man looks at another woman walking by while his romantic partner looks on disapprovingly. However, Charlie Chaplin may have created the meme long before the internet noticed. Continue reading to see where the still frame was captured from in Chaplin’s 1922 silent film “Pay Day”.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Yes, it’s been years since this Easter egg was discovered, but now, a programmer has trained an artificial intelligence neural network to play Google Chrome’s dinosaur game. This time waster is only accessible when the browser detects you’re offline, and on the ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ error page. If you’re at said page, simply press the space bar to get T-Rex jumping, while the ground beneath him will extend to the right, and then start running. “Using NEAT I created an AI to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game, and its awesome,” said the programmer. Click here for the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including seven more kitchen gadgets put to the test.

Facebook AI 3D World Photos

Head of social VR at Facebook unveiled an experimental feature at the company’s F8 keynote this week where its AI machine learning algorithms converts 2D photos or videos into a virtual three-dimensional worlds. This technology uses “photogrammetry” to reconstruct your photos or videos into 3D space. In other words, Facebook combines images shot in the same location with tier AI for ‘point cloud reconstruction’. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Facebook Dating

Forget Tinder and other dating apps, Facebook is set to launch a dating feature, and according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s annual F8 developer conference Tuesday: “This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships – not just hook-ups.” This opt-in feature matches users with people they aren’t already friends with, and will be able to build a dating profile that even their friends won’t be able to see. Continue reading for another screenshot of the interface and more information.

Toyota Craigslist

Some people like to directly trade-in their vehicle at dealerships to avoid hassle, while others go the private sale route using sites like Craigslist. This person went with the latter, and tried an interesting ad copy to catch your attention for a 1999 Toyota Corolla. Continue reading to see the entire ad copy, as well as a few comments that internet users left for him.

Slice of Sauce Ketchup

These days, there are Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns for just about everything, including “Slice of Sauce”. Invented by Emily Williams, co-founder of Bo’s Fine Foods, these ketchup slices are described as an individual slice of flavor-packed condiment offering a portable, convenient, clean label experience. They are mess free, and a solution to those who don’t want soggy bread when they add the condiment to their meal. continue reading for another video and more information.

Funny Selling Mirror

People have been selling just about anything you could think of online, whether it be via auction or classified websites, but one item that is a bit hard to capture, or at least when alone, are mirrors. There’s currently a viral Twitter thread that gathers random images of people selling mirrors to show just how ridiculous some can get. Continue reading for more.

Giant Teddy Bear

Let’s face it, when you purchase something online, you’re doing so blindly, as it is impossible to inspect the item before shipment. For example, this person thought they were getting a 6.5-foot tall teddy bear that was well proportioned, but apparently, what they received was one with 4-foot long legs, and something that appears to be straight from a nightmare. Continue reading to see more things purchased online that took an unexpected turn.

RDJ Doppelganger

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Ever come across a person who looks like a famous celebrity, but not quite? These people have too, but they went the extra mile, and decided to take a picture with them before posting the image onto social media platforms. For example, the group above thought Robert Downey Jr. was shopping at their local mall. Continue reading for more normal people mistaken for celebrities.