Photo credit: Peta Pixel / U.S. Air Force / Todd Maki

Robbie Johnson, a 28-year-old after school instructor from Wellesley, Massachusetts, received a ticket for Game 2 of the World Series and wanted to share his joy with Instagram. When he arrived at Fenway Park with his sister, the $650 ticket his family bought for him couldn’t be validated. “I went to ticket services and that’s where I was informed [the] ticket had been scanned at 5:09pm, a couple of hours before we got there,” Johnson said. Moral of the story? Never post any yet to be redeemed ticket / voucher / gift card online with the barcode / QR code still visible. Continue reading for the news report and more information.

“What he didn’t realize, however, is that the photo contained both his barcode and his unique ticket number – everything that’s needed to create a duplicate ticket. Someone had discovered Johnson’s photo and used it to gain free entry into the World Series. Johnson ended up paying another $450 for a replacement ticket so that he could get in with his sister,” reports Peta Pixel

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