Unopened Original Apple iPod 2001

An original Apple iPod could be yours, but it’ll cost you the price of a new car, or at least in some places. Did you know that Apple did not develop the iPod software entirely in-house, but rather used PortalPlayer’s reference platform based on two ARM cores? That’s right, the platform had basic software running on a commercial microkernel embedded operating system. “I am a longtime Apple device collector, and this 5-Gigabyte iPod has been in my personal possession for almost two decades, kept in cool temperatures and away from sunlight. I guarantee that it has been completely unused and untouched inside its original packaging, along with its iconic headphones, charging accessories, and manuals,” said the seller. Auction page. Read more for a video of the original Steve Jobs iPod keynote from 2001 and additional information.

Pod Case Apple Watch iPod

There’s Apple Watch stands, and then the Pod Case by Joyce Kang and the C.O Design Lab. Simply slide the Apple Watch Series 4 body into the silicone case and you have a miniature iPod of sorts. Unfortunately, the job wheel is just for aesthetics and doesn’t actually function, though we could see the designers integrating one that actually works via Bluetooth some time down the line, if this concept actually make it into production. Read more for additional images.

Atlas Music Player

At first glance, the “Atlas” appears to be some kind of spherical toy or decorative piece, but once turned on, you’ll realize it’s actually a high-tech music player. That’s right, when removed from the docking unit, users can switch to manual hand control, which enables you to easily change sound settings and shuffle with a simple twist or touch. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

iPhone Click Wheel

Here’s a rare look at an early iPhone prototype based on the iPod’s Click Wheel interface, running an OS called “Acorn OS”. The name refers to an internal code name that was never meant for public use, but the interface of this prototype could have been intended for public release at some point. FEaturing a split-screen UI with a virtual iPod scroll wheel on the bottom and new “Dial,” “SMS,” “Music,” “Contacts,” and “Recents” menu options at the top. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one of “The Xbox Puzzle”.

Ok, so the first-generation iPod Shuffle isn’t exactly new, but warning users not to eat the device could quite possible be the weirdest thing Apple has ever put in their instruction manuals. Click here to view the first image in this week’s demotivational poster gallery. Continue reading to watch a video of the world’s fastest people at everything.

Have you ever wondered where Apple really got the ideas for their current iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle? Well, let’s just say that both devices share the heart and soul of the previous generation iPod Nano, or so we’d like to think. Click here to see more today’s most popular images, courtesy of Imgur.com. Continue reading to see how one person uses the iGun app in traffic — language is not work safe.

The Monster Light Disc (TRON Edition) just might be the coolest iPhone / iPod dock yet. The Monster-designed Light Drive System basically “uses sophisticated microprocessors to individually control the Light Ring’s LEDs.” Plus, it’s on blowout today over at Amazon. Video after the break.

With the Monster Visualize, your music now controls the Light Disc’s LED array. High-definition, High-performance Sound only Monster Can Deliver The powerful five-speaker 2.1 system features four high-performance drivers that deliver ultra-crisp highs, a clear midrange, and extended low-end effects.

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