Iron Man


Iron Man VR PlayStation
Camouflaj director Ryan Payton was recently interviewed by the PlayStation Blog about their upcoming Iron Man VR game, which aims to really immerse you in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One reason is because of physics-based flight, which obeys Newton’s laws of motion, so every frame processed includes calculations of up to a dozen forces, such as thrust, drag, and gravity — as well as our assistance systems — that output Iron Man’s trajectory through the sky. Read more for two videos and additional information.

Adam Savage Iron Man

Adam Savage, former co-host of MythBusters, is kicking off his new TV series, Savage Builds, with a bang. So, he decided to build a flying Iron Man suit, made possible by Richard Browning’s Gravity jetpack system. The suit itself consists of approximately 250 individual pieces of lightweight, 3D printed titanium, which is then used with Gravity’s thrusters for the full Iron Man effect. Read more for an in-depth look at the suit and additional information.

Scout Bobber Appaloosa Workhorse Motorcycle
If Iron Man owned a 2018 Scout Bobbeer, it would probably look like The Appaloosa by Belgium-based Workhorse Speedshop. It took over 700 hours of work to complete, with plenty of shaping, forming, and conceptualizing required for the outer facade. It draws inspiration from early 1900’s Formula One vehicles, and even the iconic F-86 Sabre aviation platform. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Iron Man Tesla

Photo credit: Reddit via Car Scoops
With the ability to customize car wraps these days, it’s not uncommon to see comic book-themed vehicles, but lately, Iron Man seems to be the trend. Several Tesla Model S and Model X cars have been spotted on the streets inspired by Iron Man’s red and gold armor. Aside from the colors, all of these Model X vehicles have white leather interiors. There’s also a lone Chrome Gold Model S, complete with red accents around the side windows. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Iron Man PlayStation Vr

First announced at the first ever PlayStation State of Play, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is hitting PlayStation VR exclusively this year, and it takes virtual reality to the next level. This game has you taking control of genius inventor Tony Stark, who confronts ghosts from his past—powerful forces that seek to ruin him and everything he stands for. Players will come face-to-face with iconic allies and Super Villains as they jet around the globe on a heroic mission to save not only Stark Industries, but the world itself. “We’ve set our sights on not only giving the player thrilling moment-to-moment action. But also a deeply personal, and appropriately funny, narrative that puts players in Tony Stark’s armored shoes,” said Camouflaj director Ryan Payton on the PlayStation Blog. Read more for a hands-on video impression and additional information.

DJI Tello Iron Man

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition builds upon the success of Ryze’s Tello, and introduces a new beginner drone, complete with a flight control app with Tony Stark’s AI assistant, FRIDAY. It’s powered by DJI’s leading flight control technology that enables stable flying and multiple interactive flight modes, while still offering an HD camera capable of recording 5-megapixel photos and 720p video with real-time video transmission to mobile devices. You can take advantage of “EZ shot” smart functions including 360° Video and Circle as well as pre-programmed flight modes like 8-Direction Flips and Throw & Go. Product page. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Gravity Industries Jet Suit Pack

Gravity Industries CEO Richard Browning tackles a Royal Marine assault course in a jet suit that he invented, thus earning him the nickname of “real-life Iron Man”. He managed to fly the 1,000 brake horsepower suit around the bottom field assault course at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon. “Royal Marines are sometimes called ‘supermen’ for their achievements, but even we stop short at the ability to fly. Watching Richard float, fly and hover around the assault course was a very impressive, surreal experience,” said Royal Marines Captain Oliver Mason. Read more for two more videos about the jet suit and additional information.

Cardboard Iron Man

Kai-Xiang Zhong, a 24-year-old self-taught artist from Taiwan, first gained fame back in 2013 for the incredible Iron Man sculpture you see above, which earned him the nickname “Tony Stark of Cardboard”. Since then, he’s continued to make incredible life-sized sculptures exclusively out of corrugated cardboard, and his collection now features life-sized animals, mythical creatures, and even “It”‘s Pennywise. Read more to see some of his latest work.

Richard Browning Iron Man Jet Suit

British inventor Richard Browning’s jet engine-powered suit, inspired by Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, capable of hitting 32mph in mid-air, will take part in airborne races starting next year. It’s powered by five miniature jet engines mounted on the pilot’s arms and back. “The idea a race around a kind of air race circuit, in three dimensions with 1,000 horse-power jet suits, it’s going to be astounding and phenomenal,” said Browning. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Iron Man Wireless Charger

Avengers: Infinity War has already broken several box office records, and now, Qi-enabled smartphones can experience a part of the film, sort of. InfoThink has just released a new Iron Man Wireless Charging Pad that looks just like an Arc Reactor, complete with LEDs that turn on when plugged in. Best of all, you can charge any compatible smartphones even without removing the case. Product page. Continue reading for our full review.