Hacksmith Iron Man Laser
Hacksmith Industries is back at it again, and this time, they have built a functional 1.5 Kilowatt Iron Man laser gauntlet capable of cutting through steel. This is no ordinary laser you can just buy online, as it retailed for $100,000+ not too long ago, but has since dropped to a mere $6,000 USD. Its lens is from a laser welder that was slimmed down by removing parts that weren’t needed in order to fit inside the gauntlet.

Since the laser’s power source was too large to fit inside a glove, the team connected a wire from the larger unit to feed into it, similar to one of their earlier lightsaber designs. If you open up the gauntlet, the only parts you’ll see are a collimating lens and a focusing lens. These parts need to be aligned precisely in order to focus the light for maximum intensity. The gauntlet is made up of 66 separate stainless steel pieces that go over kevlar and chainmail gloves, while air is pumped into a bladder to make it fit snugly.

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The controls run through an Arduino Nano, which allows the gas feed and laser power to be turned off and on using switches, which move a solenoid. This lets the wearer melt things from a distance with the push of a button. This control system is powered by a small 12V battery that also fits inside the gauntlet,” said Hacksmith Industries.


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