Nintendo LEGO Super Mario Bros. Level 12000 Pieces
Photo credit: Brandon Jones
Nintendo fan Brandon Jones showcased his latest creation a BrickCon 2022, and it is a real-life Super Mario level, complete with 14 motors to get Mario as well as his enemies moving like they do in the game. For those who like both Nintendo and Super Mario Bros, but don’t have 12,000 LEGO pieces laying around, there’s en entire interactive line that is far more accessible.

LEGO Drum Machine
There’s the world’s first bionic drummer, and then this functional LEGO drum machine. An engineer who goes by ‘Brick Technology’ built this device using LEGO Technic pieces that form a music box-like drum sporting moveable pins that pluck levers. When these spring-loaded levers are plucked, it taps piezoelectric discs wired to a Roland sound module from an electronic drum kit.