PlayStation 5


Galactic Sony PlayStation 5 Video Game Console Covers
It’s official, the new Sony PlayStation 5 video game console covers in Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, and Nova Pink will be available in select regions starting June 2022. For those wondering on how to replace the cover, simply lie the PS5 down flat, with the logo console cover facing up, and then pull up on the corner with the logo. With the cover slightly raised, push it down towards the opposite corner of the device to loosen for removal.

Next-Gen PS5 VR Controllers
Photo credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Here’s a first look at the new PlayStation 5 VR controllers, which features an “orb” shape that allows you to hold it more naturally, while still offering a high degree of freedom. It was designed with ergonomics in mind, and each VR controller (Left and Right) sports an adaptive trigger button that adds tension when pressed, similar to the DualSense controller technology. There is also going to be haptic feedback optimized for its form factor, making every sensation in the game world more impactful, textured and nuanced. Read more for additional pictures and information.

PlashSpeed PlayStation 5 Wi-Fi Router Install Vietnam
Photo credit: Lê Gia Hưng/Facebook
Getting your hands on a PlayStation 5 console is tough enough, but for some, getting one through the door is an entirely different story. For those who have watched the short film, titled “PlashSpeed”, this scenario may sound familiar, but anyone who hasn’t, Vietnamese gamer Lê Gia Hưng noticed allegedly noticed a drop in internet speed, that is until he contacted his service provider, Viettel, to call in a technician to come over and fix his WiFi, or so his wife thought. Read more for more pictures and information.

Dbrand Matte Black PS5 PlayStation 5 Plates
Sony forced PlateStation to shut down after they started taking pre-orders for custom PS5 side plates, but that didn’t faze Dbrand from releasing their own. The company didn’t opt for stickers or decals that you simply apply to the side of your game console, and instead went the injection molded plastic route, which means you’ll have to remove the factory plates before installing these. Unlike the factory PS5 side plates, these boast a apocalyptic texture. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Largest PS5 Console
ZHC is mainly known for customizing Apple products, but his latest project is larger than life, literally. Standing 10-feet-tall, this PlayStation 5 console has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest, and moving this 500-pound beast was no easy task. Fortunately, all went without a hitch, although it did cost him $70,000 to build everything that you’re about to see. Yes, it can still play any PS5 game, but with a massive matching controller. Read more for see it in all its glory.

Akihabara PS5 Shipment Line
Even though the PlayStation 5 was released on November 12, 2020, it’s still sold out everywhere, so when a new shipment arrives anywhere, chaos ensues. This includes Akihabara’s Yodobashi Camera, and rather than use a lottery system or restrict purchases to the store’s special credit card holders, they offered the 300 consoles as first come, first served, this time around. Let’s just say that things got so rowdy that police needed to be called in. Read more for two videos.

Sony PS5 Commercial
Sony has just released the first PlayStation 5 global ad spot, highlighting the console’s new features, including the haptic feedback sensation you you’ll feel from the DualSense wireless controller. Tempest 3D AudioTech lets you hear sound from all directions as the central character reacts to everything she hears, whether it be from the front, side, above, or behind her, while the tension of her bowstring can be felt through the controller’s adaptive triggers. Read more for the video and additional information.

Sony PlayStation 5 Console Official Digital Edition
Finally, after months of speculation and several dev kit leaks, we get to see the official PlayStation 5 console. To be more specific, there will be two versions of the PS5 released at launch: a standard model with a Blu-Ray disc reader, and then the Digital Edition, which will not come with any disc reader. Both versions appear to come with one DualSense controller, which has adaptive triggers that can change the resistance to the player as necessary. Read more for two videos, including one of the entire 2-hour livestream event.

Sony PS5 DualSense Controller
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Industrial designer Giuseppe Spinelli is a big fan of Sony’s upcoming PS5 console, but unfortunately, the company has only released two official images of the DualSense controller. So, he took what was there and transformed it into a full 3D model to give everyone a first look at new angles, different colors, and how it might look from the back. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Sony DualSense PS5
Sony may not have shown the final PlayStation 5 game console, but today, they revealed the DualSense controller. It features haptic feedback, new “adaptive triggers” that respond to different gameplay effects, a built-in integrated microphone array, a USB-C port, and a stylish two-tone color scheme with a more rounded shape for ergonomics. Read more for additional pictures and information.