Drone Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs
You’ve seen a masterful drone pilot navigate the Mall of America, now check out what they can do at Wrigley Field in a single take, home of the Chicago Cubs. This major league baseball stadium is best known for its ivy-covered brick outfield wall, hand-turned scoreboard, and its location right in the middle of a residential neighborhood with no parking lots, while the rooftops behind the outfield offer expansive views of the action.

Softball Baseball Field Area 51 Google Maps
Located approximately 83-miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, the US Air Force’s highly secretive Area 51 base is one facility that only people with the right top secret clearance can visit, but anyone can view its baseball field. What most do not know is that it’s apparently been there since 1964, built during Project OXCART, the development and fielding of the A-12 spy plane.