Projection Mapping Hockey Game of Thrones
Projection mapping is nothing new, but what if the technology was used on a full-sized ice rink? That’s exactly what this company specializes in and ice is a perfect surface to work with for projections because the material reflects light and images perfectly. Plus, typical professional ice rink surfaces measure 200’ x 85’, which means lots of canvas to work with, and just enough detail on its surface to allow is to create some incredible 3D effects, like scenes from Game of Thrones. Read more for a video and additional information.

To create these projections, you’ll need at least ten 20,000-lumen projectors. However, there are some challenges when working with ice too, including finding ways to incorporate mapping not only the painted lines and face off circles used in the game, but also, various team logos as well as the sponsor images painted onto the ice. This requires extreme precision so audiences are shocked when the ice suddenly falls apart, opens up or begins to move.