ThinkTiny Smallest Laptop
Paul Klinger has just revealed his latest project, and it’s called ThinkTiny. The name is quite fitting to say the least, as this palm-sized miniature laptop computer sports a 0.96-inch display and a Lenovo ThinkPad-inspired design, complete with a TrackPoint pointing nub. It may not be fully functional, as the keyboard doesn’t work, but it does function as a simple game machine that can run classics such as Snake, Tetris, and Lunar Lander. Read more for a hands-on video and additional information.

Stretch Tank Limo
Nick Mead always wanted a tank and a stretch limousine, so what better way to combine the two than by creating the “Tank Limo”? It’s unofficially the world’s first and only road legal stretched tank that you can actually hire. One caveat: it’s only allowed to hit 20 miles per hour with rubber-padded tracks, but on private roads, the tank can hit 35 MPH without any problems. This may not sound fast, but you have to remember that it’s a 22-foot long and 8-foot wide monster weighing in at 38,580 pounds. Read more for a video and additional information.

Runaway Tire Jeep Crash New Jersey
This may appear to be a scene out of a movie, but it actually happened. The driver of a Jeep narrowly escaped serious injury after a runaway truck tire smashed into the front-end of his vehicle. Fortunately, a driver managed to capture the entire incident on camera where the large tire can be seen rolling down Route 440 in Edison, New Jersey Wednesday afternoon. The tire crossed over a concrete barrier, missed several other cars, before colliding with the Jeep. Read more for the footage.

Meteor Massachusetts East Coast
A bright meteor streaked through the night sky Wednesday, and was seen by more than 350 people across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and other parts of the East Coast. Many homeowners who captured video footage of the phenomenon first thought it was something else entirely. The American Meteor Society compiled all the reports it received, and based on preliminary results, it appears that the meteor first entered view over the open ocean, approximately 45 miles offshore southeast of Long Island. Read more for a few of the videos that homeowners captured and additional information.

Hoverboard English Channel
Inventor Franky Zapata, a former jet ski champion, attempted to cross the stretch of water between France and England on a hoverboard, but unfortunately it ended in failure after he plunged into the sea. The journey came to an abrupt end around 11 miles after a failed refueling attempt. Fortunately, he was not injured and is expected to try it again soon. Read more for a video of the attempt and additional information.

Get Bracelet Bone Conduction Finger Phone
Photo credit: Daily Mail
This may not be the first gadget to use bone conduction technology, but the “Get” bracelet is one of the first we’ve seen that turns your index finger into a phone of sorts. At $250, this smart bracelet connects to your smartphone and turns the sound from your device into vibrations before conducting it into the fingers. After the pairing is completed, just place a finger in your ear to talk on the phone, and make outgoing calls by using the bracelet’s voice recognition technology. Read more for a video and additional information.

Hanging Hotel Norway Cliff
Photo credit: Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio
Istanbul-based Hayri Atak Architecturl Design Studio has proposed a unique hotel that aims precariously off the edge of Norway Preikestolen cliff. We’ve seen other cliff-hanging hotels and homes, but this one adds a pool that extends out even further from the cliff, giving those thrillseekers even more reason to book at least a night’s stay there should it even get built. Read more for additional pictures and information.

TF-19 Wasp Flamethrower Drone
The TF-19 WASP drone flamethrower attachment was designed for agricultural purposes, or to be more specific, the remote ignition of aerial and ground targets, but we all know that it’s only a matter of time before it ends up in a viral stunt. It’s compatible with drone platforms that have a minimum payload capacity of 5lbs (2.2kg), like the DJI S1000, and can shoot flames up to 25-feet. Read more for a video and additional information.

John Deere Ping Largest Golf Putter
John Deere has teamed up with PING to create the world’s largest answer golf putter, or to be more specific, a half-excavator, half-putter that can actually hit putts. The project all bega with Tony Serrano, Senior Design Engineer at Ping, who used CAD (computer aided drafting) to design the putter head, which was originally the traditional size of a putter, but John Deere later blew it up to scale. Next, the putter head was meticulously adorned with the iconic features of Ping’s famous Anser putters, with John Deere tractor-inspired designs inter-weaved throughout. Read more for two additional videos, pictures and information.

NASA Hubble NGC 1347  Black Hole
NASA’s Hubble space telescope discovered a supermassive black hole that shouldn’t exist, since it defies existing theories about the universe. The black hole, which is approximately 250 million times heavier than the sun, lies at the heart of the spiral galaxy NGC 3147 and is about 140 million light-years from Earth. What’s really strange is they found a thin “accretion disk” around the black hole that contains debris and gas rapidly pacing around the edge. Read more for a video and additional information.