Fiat Coupe French Fry Cart
Photo credit: Benedetto Bufalino
Artist Benedetto Bufalino took a normal Fiat Coupé and transformed it into a food cart of sorts that serves fries. The vehicle was sliced in half horizontally to make this possible and then fitted with several deep fryers. However, the top half was kept and lights were installed just to keep things illuminated at dusk. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Meteoroid North Carolina

Over five hundred people across the Southeastern United States reported seeing a fireball in the sky early Thursday morning at around 6:45am. Those who observed the object with a tail said it was glowing a blue or green color. It was so bright that some of the sightings were reported as far away as Kentucky, Alabama and Virginia. Read more for two more videos and additional information.

Meteoroid Florida Sky
A stunning blue-green fireball lit up the skies over Northern Florida on Saturday night, and the meteoroid was reported around 11:52 p.m. over Taylor County, according to the National Weather Service’s Tallahassee office. The flash was so bright that it was picked up on weather satellites typically used to track thunderstorms and lightning, with the NWS posting a photo where the fireball was picked up by the GOES Lightning Mapper. “It basically has a global lightning mapper and picks out bright cloud flashes from lightning when we have thunderstorms,” said Kelly Godsey, a NWS meteorologist. Read more for two videos and additional information.

US Air Force UFO Alaska
Photo credit: Daily Star
An unidentified flying object seen falling from the sky in Anchorage, Alaska has left US Air Force pilots and personnel baffled. The footage captured by a bystander shows two plumes of black smoke trailing a mysterious object that apparently has a light guiding its way. “That doesn’t look like any of our planes,” said Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson spokeswoman Erin Eaton. Federal Aviation Administration officials also added that the object in the video did not appear in any of their reports. Read more for the clip and additional information.

BMW i8 Water Container
Photo credit: Brandweer Midden- en West-Brabant
This BMW i8 located in Breda, Netherlands was dropped into a giant container of water by the fire brigade, and it’s not an accident. Simply put, the vehicle caught fire in the showroom, and due to all of its electronics, the entire car needed to be submerged in water to ensure that nothing else would catch fire after the larger flames were extinguished. This sports car is a hybrid powered by a three-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine paired with an 11.6 kWh battery powering an electric motor to produced a combined 369 horsepower. Read more for images before it took the dive.

Japan Crop Circle Forest
Photo credit: Sankei News / FNN
If you’ve seen pictures of bizarre “crop-circle-like” patterns in a Japanese forest, it’s not computer-generated imagery, but rather a real place you can visit. They can be seen on Google Earth and are actually the result of experiments by the Japanese government conducted more than 50 years ago. That’s right, a 1973 document from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, states that researchers started a project designed to examine tree spacing and its effect on growth, and the result was this “experimental forest” near Nichinan City. Read more for an interactive Google map you can play around with.

GravaStar Bluetooth Speaker

GravaStar isn’t a movie prop or toy, but rather one of the coolest-looking Bluetooth 5.0 speakers we’ve seen. At 1.6kg (3.53lbs), this speaker remains stable even when playing music with heavy bass at high volume. On a full charge, you can expect up to 30 hours of continuous playtime through its 70mm (2.76in), 20W full-range speaker and large bass driver made from a polyphenylene composite and a metal magnetic core to reproduce deeper drums and clearer vocals. Read more for a hands-on video, pictures and additional information.

Desert Plant Resurrection

You’re not looking at computer-generated imagery, but rather Rose of Jericho, a desert plant that opens when moisture is present and closes up as if dead during short or long dry spells. In other words, it would be perfect for a Max Mad-like environment because it’s capable of surviving several years of drought, and even lose up to 95% of its water without being damaged and come back to life after exposure to moisture. Read more for a TED Talks video about these resurrection plants and additional information.

Spyscape Interactive Spy Museum

Photo credit: HiConsumption
For an interactive museum experience unlike any other, look no further than SPYSCAPE in New York Center. You’ll receive a unique Identity Band, which uses RFID technology to personalize your experience, upon entry. Then you’ll step into Briefing, a high-tech theater which rises up through the building as it introduces the world of secret intelligence through an immersive film developed with the studio that creates VFX for films such as Avengers, Ex-Machina and Blade Runner 2049. Read more for an in-depth walkthrough of all the different challenges, additional pictures and information.

BolaWrap 100

Photo credit: HiConsumption
Police officers are finding new non-lethal ways to deal with the current mental health crisis, and Wrap Technologies has created just the tool to do so. Called the BolaWrap 100, this remote restraint device basically shoots a Kevlar cord up to 25 feet. The cord measures around 8-feet long and quickly wraps around the suspect, while the wrap has hooks on the end and comes out of the device at about 640 feet per second. It was designed by former police officers who hope to keep people from harming themselves or law enforcement. Read more for another video and additional information.