Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod

Danton Arts Kustoms wanted to celebrate the Lamborghini Espada’s 50th anniversary, but not with a simple restoration, but rather, transforming one into a custom hot rod. On the outside, they started by chopping it, removing body panels, and then adding 19-inch front / 20-inch rear wheels, wrapped in Michelin tires. Read more for additional pictures and information.

iPhone X Explodes Upgrade
Photo credit: Rocky Mohamad
Rahel Mohamad’s 10-month-old iPhone X allegedly “exploded” as he was installing iOS 12.1 this past Friday. As installation began, he decided to plug it in using the official bundled Lightning cable and wall adapter, when he noticed “dark grey smoke started coming from the phone.” The update then soon completed and as it turned on, the smoke lead to the device catching on fire before exploding. Read more for additional pictures of the aftermath.

World's Largest Polaroid

Photo credit: Analog Things
The Polaroid 20×24 camera is exactly as it sounds…a very large instant camera with film plates that measure 20 by 24 inches (51 cm × 61 cm), although at least one example takes pictures that are 23 by 36 inches. They aren’t for sale, but can be hired for use from various Polaroid agents around the world. Well known photographers such as Elsa Dorfman and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, have used this heavy wheeled-chassis camera for at least one of their shoots. Photographer Marco Christian Krenn of Analog Things decided to drop by Supersense in Vienna to show just how this rare camera works. Read more for a video of another large Polaroid camera.

Facebook Pop-Up Store

Photo credit: Engadget

You’d probably never imagined Facebook getting into the brick-and-mortar department store business, but that’s exactly what’s happening with the social media giant’s new partnership with Macy’s. They’ve teamed up to create pop-up shops for digital brands at the department store’s busiest locations throughout the holiday season. You’ll find a total of 100 e-commerce brands, including Two Blind Brothers, Love Your Melon, Bespoke Post Charleston Gourmet Burger Company and much more. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Photo Turned Room

Photo credit: Tony Walsh | Chris Engman / Luis De Jesus Angeles

Always wanted to step inside a breathtaking photo? If so, then photographer Chris Engman’s latest installation is just for you. Simply put, he took one of his landscape photos, sliced up massive 2D prints, and then plastered the slices on the walls, ceilings, and floors. In other words, if a projector was used to display the photo into the space, this is what it would look like. Continue reading for a behind-the-scenes look, more images and information.

Mechanical Spider France

Photo credit: VizitezToulouse

Don’t be surprised if you saw a giant mechanical spider and Minotaur roaming the streets of Toulouse, France for “The Guardian of the Temple” show. This mythical performance is being put on for visitors this week by street theater group La Machine. These massive creatures took approximately 2-years to build, with the spider standing at 43-feet tall, and the Minotaur at 46-feet tall. Continue reading for another incredible video, more pictures and information.

TechnoImpulse Rocket Z

When it comes to snow vehicles, you have plenty of options, but if you demand a monster truck-inspired 4×4, then look no further than the TechnoImpulse Rocket Z. It can safely transport up to 9 people across not only snowy terrain, but just about any obstacle thrown at it, powered by a 100-hp turbodiesel engine. Other features include: “Hella” optics, power-steering boosters, “ComeUp” front winches, a spotlight finder “Hella” Xenon roof lighting, cross wheel limited slip differentials, and a tow bar. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

China Artificial Moon

A private aerospace institute in China has announced that it plans to launch an artificial moon into stationary orbit above the city of Chengdu in the Sichuan province city to serve as a sunlight reflector and provide a backup light source for residents. Wu Chunfeng, chairman of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co., said the artificial moon has been under development for a few years and ‘is now nearly ready to launch.’ Continue reading for another video and more information.

Salt Flat Lodge Bolivia

Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats, the world’s largest, looks other-worldly at first glance, and even more so if you’re staying at the Kachi Lodge. Despite looking like an off-world base of sorts, these igloo-inspired domes are solar-powered and offer all the luxurious amenities you’d expect from a 5-star resort. Featuring a private bathroom with running cold & hot water, wood-burning stove, double bed and plenty of clear-paneled windows to enjoy the stunning landscape. Continue reading for more pictures and information.


Photo credit: Peta Pixel / U.S. Air Force / Todd Maki

Robbie Johnson, a 28-year-old after school instructor from Wellesley, Massachusetts, received a ticket for Game 2 of the World Series and wanted to share his joy with Instagram. When he arrived at Fenway Park with his sister, the $650 ticket his family bought for him couldn’t be validated. “I went to ticket services and that’s where I was informed [the] ticket had been scanned at 5:09pm, a couple of hours before we got there,” Johnson said. Moral of the story? Never post any yet to be redeemed ticket / voucher / gift card online with the barcode / QR code still visible. Continue reading for the news report and more information.