Nokia 2720 Flip Verizon
HMD Global’s Nokia 2720 Flip is finally launching in the US through Verizon on May 20, priced at $79.99. As expected, this mobile phone includes only the most basic of features, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Assistant, Google Maps, and a web browser. It features a main 2.8-inch QVGA display that folds down when not in use, a 1.3-inch outer display, and a physical keypad. Read more for a hands-on video review and additional information.

Verizon Wireless 5G Mobile Phone

Verizon’s 5G network was supposed to launch in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11, but the wireless carrier announced today it has officially turned on the network ahead of schedule in those two cities. “We wanted to get 5G in the hands of customers as soon as we were able. We were able to deliver 5G more quickly than previously promised. We’re excited and this is an exciting day for our customers,” said Kevin King, director of communications for Verizon, to USA TODAY. For now, you’ll need a Motorola Moto Z3 with the 5G Moto Mod to take advantage of the network. Read more for two more videos and additional information.

Verzon Tech Pack Subscription Box
Verizon Wireless has just launched a new subscription box, called “Tech Pack,” that lets you try out different gadgets for up to 2-weeks before deciding on whether to keep or return them. How does it work? Users are first required to fill out a survey about what types of products they like most, and then three mystery products are sent out. The service was reportedly announced this past Friday in emails sent to select Verizon customers, but unfortunately, the testing phase has already filled up. Read more for a video showing a similar geek subscription box and the waitlist link.

Visible Verizon Wireless Prepaid
For those who have never heard of Visible by Verizon Wireless, it’s basically an app-based carrier that offers unlimited data up to 5Mbps (speed cap), messaging, and minutes for just $40 a month. Today, they announced device sales which include the latest models of Samsung (Galaxy S9 and S9+) and several iPhone models, all of which can be activated at no extra cost on the network. Plus, Visible service is now compatible on select Android models, “with more devices available in the coming weeks and months,” said the company. Read more for a video review of the Visible service and additional information.

Verizon Robocall Blocking

Photo credit: NoMoRobo
Whether if you’re on a landline or purely wireless, Verizon will soon offer their third party rated number one spam and robocalling protection features to all customers for free – previously they charged $3/month for Call Filter service. “We are continuously updating our algorithm and to date have identified nearly 300 million numbers associated with spam and robocalling. In March, we will be rolling out our free spam alerting and call blocking tools to all of our wireless customers whose smartphones support these features, including iPhone and Android devices,” said the company in a press release. Read more for another video on stopping robocallers and additional information.

Verizon Wireless Apple Music

Verizon announced today that starting on January 17th, Apple Music will be offered for free to “Beyond Unlimited” and “Above Unlimited” plan subscribers. Previously, the company offered six-month subscriptions to Apple Music with its unlimited plans, but now, that is given to the lower “Go Unlimited” plans at no additional cost. Just to be clear, that this is not for a isngle Apple Music subscription per account, but rather one for each line that has either the “Beyond” or “Above” unlimited plans. Read more for another Apple Music video and additional information.

New Palm Phone

Yes, Palm is back, and not in the way you remember. Verizon has just unveiled “Palm,” a device that’s larger than a smartwatch, but more compact than a regular mobile phone. At $349, this 2.2-ounce, credit card-sized mobile boasts a 3.3-inch HD display, an octa-core Snapdragon 435 chipset, 3GB of RAM, and must be linked to an existing Verizon Wireless account. Its creators, ex-Samsung design executives Dennis Miloseski and Howard Nuk, said they wanted to invent a new category of mobile devices for on-the-go activities, such as working out, going to a concert, or taking a weekend getaway. Continue reading for another hands-on video, more pictures and information.

Verizon 5G Home

Verizon announced today that it’s launching “the world’s first commercial 5G broadband internet service” on October 1st, called 5G Home. No cable or fiber hookups are required, thanks to next-generation wireless technology, and will be initially rolled out in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Those who pre-order beginning on Thursday will receive 3-months of service free of charge. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind the logos of some of the most famous companies in the world? For example, did you know that the Verizon logo is actually a combination of the the words veritas (latin for truth) and horizon? If not, continue reading to see more.

You can either call this dumb or genius, but one thing’s for sure, this Verizon software developer did have a lot of extra time on his hands after outsourcing his job to China for just 20% of what he was making, pocketing the rest. He was fired after his employer discovered that he was interested in Reddit, eBay shopping, and watching cat videos during working hours. Continue reading for more information.