Magic the Gathering My Little Pony
When Wizards of The Coast, makers of Magic: The Gathering, was acquired by Hasbro for $325 million in 1999, we all knew that a crossover was coming sooner or later. Well, the time is now, and it’s probably not what you expected. From October 22nd through November 5th, you’ll be able to snag two bundles – a set of three silver-bordered cards for $50 ($30 goes to charity) and a $100 three play mat bundle ($80 goes to charity). Read more for a video, another picture and additional information.

Wendy's Fest of Legends
No, this isn’t a joke, but rather a real tabletop role-playing game by fast food chain Wendy’s. It’s called “Feast of Legends” and was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, players create characters with five stats (Strength, Intelligence, Charm, Arcana, and Grace) and selet one of twelve orders, each based on various Wendy’s Menu items, like Beefy Order of the Baconator, Order of the Chicken Nuggets and Order of the Frosty. Read more for a video and the download link for the game.

iWipe Pro Max iPhone 11
Photo credit: Instagram
We know that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max feature textured back glass that provide an elegant look that is also tough, slip resistant, and feels good in the hand, but what about cleaning the triple rear camera system? Sure, you could do it the traditional way by using a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab moistened with distilled water, but Unnecessary Inventions has something else in mind…the iWipe Pro Max to be more specific. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Top Tower Shipwreck Skyscraper
Photo credit: Trigema
How about a skyscraper designed to look like a shipwreck? Introducing Top Tower by Black n´ Arch in collaboration with artist David Černý. Set to be built in Prague, it will rise 443-feet including the shipwrecked structure that appears to be straight from an apocalyptic flood. The team wanted to show the catastrophic effects of climate change and rising sea levels. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

SmartCan Self-Driving Trash Can
Smart home company Rezzi has created SmartCan, a self-driving trash can that walks itself out to the curb. This means homeowners no longer need to drag their garbage cans to the curb, as this motorized trash can attachment and corresponding mobile app, will do it for them. Simply set the specific day / time they need their trash to be at the curb for pickup, and the SmartCan attachment will get it there autonomously. Once the trash has been picked, it autonomously heads back to its base after sensing the vertical movement. Read more for a short clip and additional information.

Mercedes-Benz S500 Monster Truck
Living in Russia means dealing with harsh weather, especially during the winter, so a normal W140-generation Mercedes-Benz S500 luxury sedan just wouldn’t do. So, this man decided to convert his into a makeshift monster truck of sorts. Just to recap, the W140 introduced things like double-pane window glazing, power-assisted closing for doors / trunk lid, electric windows that lowered back down when an obstruction is encountered, rear-parking markers which rose from the rear wings, and a heating system which that could continue to emit warm air after the engine was turned off. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Dodge Challenger 34-inch Wheels
Corey Jones, manager at Crusader Customsis in Illinois, took a 2017 Dodge Challenger RT and transformed it into this outrageous vehicle riding on 34-inch wheels. It took approximately 8-months to complete and involved opening up the fenders for wheel clearance, a color-shifting paint job, and various color-cycling LED lights throughout the vehicle. Plus, the headliner now has star lights, but unlike in a Rolls-Royce, these are capable of color-shifting. When all was said and done, Jones invested approximately $100,000 into this car. Read more for a video and additional information.

Bentley Ultratank
The standard Bentley Continental GT is equipped with a 6.0L twin-turbocharged W12 engine generates 560 hp at 6,100 rpm and 479 lb⋅ft of torque at 1,600-6,100 rpm, enabling it to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds, while topping out at 197.6 mph. What if you were to turn one of these into a tank? One group of Russian auto enthusiasts did just that and the resulting vehicle is just as impressive. Read more for a video and additional information.

Lex Bionic Wearable Chair
LEX, a bionic wearable chair by Astride Bionix, is designed to improve posture and comfort, but at a price. At $250, it consists of a pair of folding aluminum legs attached to a pad that clips onto the wearers’ backside and turns solid ground into a chair. It’s already exceeded its initial $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter campaign, and has now raised over $143,000. Read more for a video and additional information.

Photographer Recreate MacOS Wallpaper
Photographer Andrew Levitt teamed up with videographer Jacob Phillips and landscape photographer Taylor Gray to recreate every pre-installed Apple MacOS wallpapers of California landmarks in just one week. For those who don’t use MacOS are have just started to do so, OS X versions were named after big cats until OS X 10.9 Mavericks, as that update marked when Apple officially switched to using California locations. Read more for a video and additional information.