Terrier Swiss Army Knife Vehicle

Photo credit: Mail Online

BAE Systems’ Terrier has been dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife of combat vehicles”, and rightfully so. This 32-ton machine can probe for buried explosive devices and split solid concrete with a rock hammer, all the while being remotely operated from more than a half mile away using an Xbox gamepad. Despite its size, this vehicle is no slug, as it can achieve speeds in excess of 45mph on land. Once its ts Python rocket is deployed and detonated, the system can provide a path clear of any buried explosives. “The greater wading depth and surge protection will make Terrier even better suited for use in coastal or low lying areas, where it can play an important role in disaster relief as well as combat situations. Along with the new telescopic arm and other attachments, Terrier remains the most technologically advanced and flexible combat engineer vehicle in the world. Due to the modular nature of the vehicle, it could also be quickly adapted for a range of other situations, such as clearing paths through jungle or thick foliage,” said Rory Breen, a sales manager for BAE Systems. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most poular viral videos today, including one of a monstrous 100-foot wave hitting a ship.

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