Homping Grill

Homping’s Smart Grill lets you cook indoors over a charcoal fire without setting off the smoke alarms, thanks to an integrated fan. When used in conjunction with the ignition gel, you’ll have a 400° F fire in just 3-minutes. You can adjust a fan dial to increase or decrease cooking heat. The system includes three interchangeable plates that can be used to grill or roast your food. Cords won’t get in the way, as it can run on four AA batteries or a power bank. Product page. Continue reading for two more videos, including one on how to set it up, and more information.

A special dripping pan prevents flare-ups, thus eliminating 95% of smoke compared to traditional charcoal grills. This grilling alternative is aimed at those who live in small apartments in which traditional grills are not an option. It’s available now, priced at $199. More information.

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