The Arctic Saver
Designed by Yiyang Xu and Jingyi Ye of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology department, “The Arctic Saver” may look like a futuristic base of sorts, but it’s designed to protect glaciers. When the ice starts to melt each April, the outer frame of the tower begins rotating while the under water unit starts storing water. The internal sea water would then begin to freeze when the two units above the surface are exposed to cold air during rotation, thus extending the migration periods for many different animals there. A sprinkler on the outer frame sprays this water onto melting glaciers, thickening the ice. Read more for a video and additional information.

“The ice storage unit is placed outside when the outer frame rotates at sea level, and the ice melts, absorbing the heat in the atmosphere and slowing the rise of temperature, thus prolonging the melting period. External units would be move to a fixed position, providing a foothold for a small number of polar bears that begin to migrate from May to June,” according to Design Boom.

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