We’ve put together a short list of the ultimate home theater rooms that our editing team has come across in recent time. Which ones are your favorites? Continue reading for the list.


Put simply, this “Batcave” home theater is one of the coolest setups we’ve come across, featuring 8 motorized black leather seats and a 102-inch LG plasma display.

The client in the case of the Batcave was a retired naturalist who had an interesting house that DCAVS vice president Nick Mark thought would lend itself well to a themed home theater

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Death Star Theater Room

Originally conceptualized by Doug Chiang, Dillon Works managed to transform his ideas into the “Death Star Theater”. This incredible creation features 10 seats, automatic doors, twinkling star fields, backlit vintage posters, a wet bar with popcorn maker, THX sound system, and authentic movie props. [Source]

Opera House

Yes, it’s a real home theater that was custom built underground (basement). It comes complete with concession stand, marquee, and box office. Equipment includes three DVD players, a JVC QX-1 projector, and 25hz woofer drivers in Dunlavy SC-IVs. This may be an oldie but it’s definitely worth taking another look at.

“The theater is 16′ tall at the front (slab to concrete ceiling), and 11 1/2′ tall at the back. About 21′ wide and 29′ long. This was an addition to the house – we basically dug this huge hole in our front lawn and partially into the driveway, while also gutting a study on the main floor. From the main floor, you have steps down to the basement where you see a sitting area where the marquee is and thenonto a concession area and theater. So the superstructure of the theater is a 12″ to 18″ complete concrete shell.”


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