The Void VR

The Void Virtually Reality System will be showcased at the world’s first VR theme park next year. In one of the early prototype games, players wear a headset, suit and are armed with a virtual gun as they adventure around complex imaginary worlds while walking around a ‘real world’ warehouse with a setup of walls and sensors. A ‘game pod’ tracks the exact location of their heads and hands to replicate them in the virtual world. Continue reading for the video news report and more information.

“The Void CEO Ken Bretschneider said that he envisions opening 250 centers around the world with the technology in the next five years. He had given $13-million of the fortune he amassed selling a cyber security company to the project as of May, according to the Washington Post. They are currently using Oculus headsets, but plan on creating their own as well as their own virtual gun and gloves that will help feeling textures,” according to Mail Online.