The Weather Channel Ice Storm
Winter Storm Harper has already hit the Midwest and is fast approaching the East, which means The Weather Channel has created yet another amazing mixed-reality video showcasing just what may happen when it arrives. For this segment, they used meteorologist Jim Cantore and combined him with vivid, digital simulations to bring extreme weather events to life. “Just a tenth of an inch makes roads and sidewalks extremely slippery. A quarter of an inch can break branches, and once you’re over half an inch, serious problems ensue,” said Cantore. Read more for the video and additional information.

The Weather Channel first used its Immersive-Mixed-Reality technology back in June of 2018 with a video showing a hyper-realistic tornado. Other examples included a storm surge flooding the studios, wildfires overtaking a field and even a segment on how dangerous weather affects a football field.

“IMR videos combine 360-degree, high-definition video and augmented- and virtual-reality elements that are designed using real-time data from agencies such as the National Hurricane Center, according to the channel. The result is a virtual scenario that unfolds around a studio anchor, engulfing the set with terrifying realism but allowing the anchor to walk viewers through potential weather with newfound urgency,” reports Washington Post.