Ninja House Tokyo

People use ladders to access tree houses all the time, but rarely do we see them inside homes – besides home libraries. This Tokyo couple commissioned Hiroyuka Shinozaki Architects to give their 750 square-foot apartment a modern ninja makeover, one that maximizes interior space, and the result was a series of floating floors accessed by a network of ladders. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Tokyo Ninja House

“The couple who commissioned the renovation – Tatsumi Terado and his wife Hanae – talked to CNN about their home. Responding to the absence of interior walls, the gaping floor plates stabilized by a series of three dimensional columns, the couple said they felt like they were getting in better shape because they had to be as nimble as a ninja to access the various floors. A few years down the road, they will probably be black belts,” says Inhabitat.


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