Smoothie Cat

Photo credit: Instagram via Bored Panda

There’s Grumpy Cat, and then Smoothie, currently the internet’s most photogenic cat, or many would like to think. She’s a British Longhair living in Luxembourg with her owner, with thousands of Instagram fans. Apart from its coat length, the British Longhair is identical to the British Shorthair. The coat is lustrous and physique is stout in general. The head is broad, and round or even squarish, with bright circular eyes and short ears. Continue reading for a video and more information about the breed.

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The British Longhair is a longer-haired development from the longstanding British Shorthair breed. In the mid-20th century, British Shorthairs were interbred with imported long-haired varieties, like the Turkish Angora and what today it called the Traditional Persian, with an aim to producing more stout and round-faced stock, while retaining the short coat. As a result of this hybridization, British catteries have frequently produced (generally unwanted) semi-long-haired specimens among their litters.