Segway W1 E-Skates

There’s hoverboards, electric skateboards, and soon, Segway’s Drift W1 E-Skates. Since it hasn’t been officially revealed yet, not much technical information is known about them, but apparently, riders simply step on the Drift W1 with each foot, and self-balancing technology takes care of the rest – no straps necessary. Continue reading for a video of them in-action.

“We don’t have pricing or availability information for the Segway Drift W1s, though these aren’t the only e-skates coming to market. InMotion’s HoverShoes X1 retail for $499, and you can pre-order them for delivery in late July. And we can’t forget about the even better looking RocketSkates, which you can still apparently buy for $99,” reports Engadget.

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