Smart E-Bike

There’s the Tesla Model S, and then VanMoof’s all-new Electrified S Smart E-Bike, which not only has smartphone connectivity, but also keyless lock gives its owner a 500% pedal power boost. Priced from $2,998, it has a range of 75-miles, along with a concealed, and nearly-silent motor, that has enough juice to power up a hill with ease. A special app enables owners to toggle between assist levels, track location using a built-in GSM connection and turn on its lights. Click here for more pictures of the Electrified S. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Don’t want to bother with your phone to access your S? The design team went one step further and integrated a Bluetooth feature that allows you to unlock it with a simple touch of your hand. The S’s sleek digital touchpad display makes getting key stats like battery life, speed, distance traveled and power level while riding a breeze, but it doesn’t call unnecessary attention to itself thanks to its low-key location right in the bike’s top tube. And at 40 lbs., it’s still one of the lightest e-bikes on the market despite its powerful motor,” reports Inhabitat.

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