Inventgeek transformed this otherwise normal looking computer tower into a fully functional mini fridge/soda dispenser. All it took was around 30 minutes of hacking and $200 in parts. Tools used include screwdrivers, pliers, knives, glues, and wire cutters. View all pics after the jump. [ShoutIt]

From the article: ” This was a really fun project to do. I recently brought it fully loaded to a LAN party with a bunch of my fellow geeks. At first I let them guess at what it was. First impressions were that it was a water cooled computer. But when they saw that there was no mob installed through the IO shield they were all stumped. So I plugged it in and popped open the front and with a solid sounding ‘Ka-Thunk’ a Caffeinated cold one was waiting for all night consumption.”

[via Inventgeek via digg]

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