The Wolfpack Siblings

These 7 siblings – Bhagavan (23), twins Govinda / Narayana (22), Mukunda (20), Krisna (18), Jagadesh (17), and their sister Visnu – were kept indoors for the past 14-years by their father Oscar, a Peruvian immigrant and Hare Krishna devotee. They had no idea what New York City was like, as they spent their entire childhood confined to their parents’ four bedroom apartment, learning about the outside world solely through films. Filmmaker Crystal Moselle is now documenting their lives in her latest movie, called “The Wolfpack”. Oscar was convinced that the outside world would corrupt his children and kept the front door locked at all times. One of the brothers managed to escape after 14-years, paving the way for his siblings to break free. Continue reading for an interview video and more information.

“It was during one of those rare escapes in 2010 that Moselle spotted the six Angulo brothers on First Avenue – they were all walking in a ‘pack’, wearing sunglasses, inspired by their favorite film Reservoir Dogs. ‘It almost felt as if I had discovered a long lost tribe, except that it was not from the edges of the world but from the streets of Manhattan,’ Moselle said,” reports Oddity Central.