Spiraling Geometric Sculpture

These are not optical illusions, just real spiraling geometric sculptures created with layers of laminated glass. For the past 3-decades, Japanese artist Niyoko Ikuta has explored the properties of glass to make etheral geometric sequences manifested as layered sculptures. Her installations have been showcased at V&A in London and the Corning Museum of Glass in the U.S. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Spiraling Geometric Sculpture Glass

She says: “I am captivated by the complexity of light as it reflects, refracts, and passes through broken cross sections of plate glass. In 1980 I began making artwork by laminating sheets of glass using adhesive and exposing the cross sections. My motifs are derived from feelings of gentleness and harshness, fear, limitless expansion experienced through contact with nature, images from music, ethnic conflict, the heart affected by joy and anger, and prayer. In creating my pieces it is like imagining an architectural space when viewing blueprints, deciding on an image by reading into the intentions of the architect, or imbuing a space with dynamic energy to bring it to life..”