Tree House Village

Peter Bahouth, former Greenpeace executive director, wanted a private getaway right in his own backyard. So, he created a tree house village of sorts, built entirely from recycled materials, including 80-year-old windows salvaged from a Masonic Temple in South Carolina. He called the three tree houses “Mind” “Body,” and “Spirit,” each with their own unique touches. The “Mind” boasts a living room, complete with cozy seats, a rustic coffee table, and other antique knickknacks collected from flea markets. The next one, “Body,” contains the bedroom with an indoor/outdoor slide-out wheeled bed, and “Spirit” is essentialy a circular deck with seating for ten built around a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine. Continue reading for two more videos and additional information. Click here to view more images.

“It’s the small details that Bahouth adds that really makes his treehouse retreat feel like a magical wonderland. Bahouth’s eye for antiques and background as an artist helped him furnish the treehouse with meaningful, second-hand finds and original art. The salvaged butterfly windows open upwards like wings to let in cross breezes,” according to Inhabitat.

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