Top Fuel Dirt Drag

Top Fuel drag racing is intense enough, but imagine it taking place on a dirt track, and on motorcycles instead. Introducing “Top Fuel Dirt Drag Shootout”. Think of this sport as tractor pull meets nitrous-powered motorcycle dirt track race. Most of the bikes you see here sport Kawasaki KZ1000 and Suzuki GS1000 motors with wicked huge over bores, NOS, and occasionally with a turbocharger or supercharger. Click here to view more pictures. Continue reading for two more videos.

“The races have been a thing for nearly two decades, starting with hillclimbers that were bored of waiting for their chance to run up a mountain. That meant the first batches of bikes were Japanese dirt bikes with small tanks and extended swingarms, but they eventually evolved into big bore Harleys that can run on anything from gas to nitro methane with no rear suspension and no limit on the size of the rear tires that look like they were pulled off a small tractor,” reports Jalopnik.