Star Trek Phaser Remote

The Wand Company’s Star Trek Phaser looks like just another prop at first, but it’s actually a fully-functional remote control. It includes a small, hand-held Type I Phaser, which slides snugly into a larger Type II Phaser body complete with removable pistol-grip. Whether if you are turning a dial or using the fully functioning gesture-based control system, you’ll have up to 36 commands to choose from and 10 different phaser sounds. Since it’s a universal remote, you can easily program this to work with televisions, Blu-ray players and more. Product page. Continue reading for a hands-on video demonstration and more information.

The phaser is based on ‘privileged access to the last known hero prop, owned by the legendary propmaker, Greg Jein.’ It includes a die cast metal display stand and USB charging cable. More information.