Recycled Home

Photo credit: Homeless Home Project

At first glance, this appears to be any pile of old trash, but Gregory Kloehn, an artist in Oakland, California, has made it his mission to use these materials to build small mobile homes for the homeless. Called the “Homeless Homes Project”, it all starts with dumpster diving in the local industrial areas, selecting the parts for his practical architectural creations and putting together something livable from the salvaged materials. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Pile of Trash

“The foundations can be cargo pallets, the door can be a refrigerator door, and the windows can be anything – even laundry machine doors. Every sofa-sized home is built on wheels so that it can be pushed around and has a slanted roof so that rain rolls right off. Otherwise, each home is different – one might have a mirror and another might have shelves or cup,” says Bored Panda.