Tile Tracking Tag

The Tile Tracking Tag wants to make sure you never lose anything again. These small devices can be attached to almost anything, and when paired with the iOS or Android app, you can easily locate those items should they go missing. If happen to you lose your phone, just log-in on a friend’s phone to locate your own smartphone. However the coolest function is the “lost item” feature, which automatically alerts any Tile user who gets within range of the item via the company’s cloud system. Get it here now in a bundle. Continue reading for a video showing how the application works and more information.

The quality components in each Tile will run for a year with zero upkeep. No batteries, no charging, no anything. After a year, the company can help you recycle your old Tiles and replace them with the latest model. While scuba diving is out of the question, Tile is water resistant. A spilled drink or a rainy day won’t pose a problem. More information.

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