Tiny Island House

It’s technically not an island, but the Recreational Island House by 2b4-architects isn’t your average home, as it’s designed to interact with the environment. For example, the northern facade opens up toward the water while the living room floor becomes a jetty, on a hot day. There’s also a hanging fireplace and surrounding lounge area that can be rotated towards the outdoor terrace when it gets chilly. Continue reading for more cool homes geeks would love.

5. Tolberone House – San Paulo, Brazil

Tolberone House

No, this home has nothing to do with the chocolate. Designed by South American architects StudioMK27, the 590-square-meter Tolberone House in San Paulo, Brazil boasts a spacious first floor with large sliding glass doors, complete with a living room and kitchen. The second floor includes three bedrooms, den, and even a home theater.

4. Gulf Island Home – British Columbia, Canada

Gulf Island Home

The team at Osburn Clarke designed the Gulf Island Home, which combines modern amenities with traditional natural aesthetics. Solar panels mounted on the roof charge a battery generator system to provide power for everything inside the house, and also a low-voltage LED lighting installation outside. Unfortunately, the only internet access available is via satellite.

3. Sky Garage Penthouse – Manhattan, New York City

Sky Garage Penthouse

Though it looks like something straight from a movie (Wolf of Wall Street comes to mind), the Sky Garage Penthouse is a real home in Manhattan, NYC. It spans 3,600 square feet and sports sweeping panoramic views of the city, thanks to sleek floor to ceiling windows. Continuing with the luxurious trend, you’ll find a glass staircase that connects the upper and lower floor that flattens into a glass bridge as well as rooftop lounges, a hideaway kitchen, and even a private elevator for your car.

2. Nautilus Seashell House – Mexico City

Seashell House

Located in Mexico City, the crazy-looking Nautilus Seashell House was built and designed by Arquitectura Organica’s Javier Senosiain. Featuring a smooth front facade met with a giant wall of colored mosaics, it wouldn’t look out of place on a beach. The multicolored windows light up the living space with stunning rainbow-like effect. The home itself was inspired by the works of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright.

1. Treehorn House – Hollywood Hills, California, USA

Treehorn House

Remember Jackie Treehorn from The Big Lebowski? Now here’s an interesting look inside. Built in 1963, this fabulous home is nestled in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Beverly Crest. Many of the rooms are connected via outdoor covered walkways, but there are motorized sliding glass windows between the terrace and living room. To keep the natural light flowing, 750 tiny skylights, made with actual drinking glasses nonetheless, were installed in the vaulted ceiling.

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