Tommy Wiseau The Room

If you watched James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist,” and have always wanted the original, now is your chance. Tommy Wiseau has uploaded the full “The Room” movie onto YouTube for your viewing pleasure, without requiring payment of any sort. For those who have not seen either, just know that a number of publications have labeled “The Room” one of the worst films ever made, but one that has become a cult classic. Continue reading to watch the movie in its entirety.

“If you’re new to the movie, the appeal is simple: it’s a beautiful mess. The Room revolves around the ostensibly simple concept of a fractured relationship as Johnny (Wiseau) finds out that his fiancee Lisa is seducing his best friend Mark. The execution, however, is everything. It’s best-known for its stilted dialogue, but there are also unfinished subplots, unconnected events, and other hallmarks of less-than-stellar productions,” according to Engadget.

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