Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 10 Coolest (or Strangest) Concept Cars” that we’ve come across in recent time, for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

10. BMW Mille Miglia Concept

This concept features a BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe-inspired design and is powered by a modified six-cylinder inline petrol engine — from the Z4 coupe — that produces 343 hp. On the inside, you’ll only find three materials used: thin stainless steel, untreated cowhides, and Lycra fabric. Video here.

The body is also constructed from lightweight materials, with carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) clothing the entire vehicle.


9. Chevrolet Camaro Concept

GM’s new Chevrolet Camaro Concept sports a 400hp aluminum small-block V8, mated to a 6-speed manual tranny, and a “sophisticated chassis with four-wheel independent suspension”. Video here.[Source]

8. Scion Fuse

Toyota’s “Scion Fuse” is a trendy sports coupe with a JGTC (Japan Grand Touring Car Championship)-inspired design. Inside, you’ll find dual 10.5-inch monitors and a media station that runs along the dash — offering Wi-Fi connectivity and instant messaging capabilities. Outside, the “Fuse” sports butterfly doors, a wraparound window (panoramic views), and a low, aggressive stance.

“The Fuse is a styling exercise that presents a discussion starting point for Scion owners and other Gen Y consumers with an eye towards a versatile sports coupe,” said Templin.

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7. Peugeot 907 GT Concept

Peugeot has just unveiled its 907 GT concept — powered by a 6.0L 500bhp V12 engine. It will be demonstrated this weekend in the UK SuperCar Run at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. More pics after the jump.

The carbon fibre bodyshell features an integral glass roof and front windscreen harmonised with the rear windscreen. Side vents are situated in the front wings and rear quarter panels, while a retractable rear spoiler is incorporated in the tailgate


6. VW EcoRacer Concept

On the outside, VW’s EcoRacer concept looks like any other sporty roadster. What makes this car stand out is a 100 k/w turbo diesel engine that pushes it from 0-60 in just 6.3 seconds. Not only does it look cool, this roadster/speedster gets 100mpg and has a top speed of 142mph (235 km/h). The carbon-fiber plastic roof is completely removable, allowing drivers to interchange between speedster and roadster configurations within a matter of minutes.[Source]

5. Stackable Robot Car

Designed and engineered by MIT’s Smart Cities group, this stackable robot car gives compact a new meaning. In addition to being stackable, they are also eco friendly. This “wheel robot” powered car has wheels with integrated motors which can also rotate a full 360 degrees while moving. You won’t find seatbelts in this car becuase responsive seats, also called “fingers”, hold a person back during an accident.

“Imagine a shopping cart – a vehicle that can stack – you can take the first vehicle out of a stack and off you go,” says Mr Chin. “These stacks would be placed throughout the city. A good place would be outside a subway station or a bus line or an airport, places where there’s a convergence of transportation lines and people.”

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4. SAAB Aero-X Concept

If you’ve been waiting for a futuristic sports coupe, look no further than SAAB’s Aero-X concept. Powered by a twin-turbo, 400 bhp BioPower V6 engine, this concept is all about eye candy, with a cockpit canopy (replaces doors and windscreen pillars) that gives the driver full 180-degree views. The ultralight carbon fiber chassis, lightweight powertrain, and all-wheel drive suspension help the Aero-X rocket from 0-62 mph in just 4.9 seconds (computer simulated trials). [Source]

3. GM Hy-Wire Concept

GM’s Hy-Wire is touted as the first drivable concept to combine a hydrogen fuel cell with by-wire technology. On the inside, you’ll find “a single unit called X-drive that is easily set to either a left or right driving position” — allowing steering, braking, and other functions to be controlled electronically rather than mechanically.

“The design is built around the fact that there is no engine compartment; the vehicle is very open from front to rear. This is intentional to highlight the openness in the interior and the range of possibilities.”

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2. Nissan Pivo Concept

Powered by a single lithium-ion battery, Nissan’s Pivo is one of the first cars to have a spinning cockpit. This tiny car also features electric sliding doors and several cameras mounted outside the cabin. Cameras located at either end of the car send a live feed to an “Around View” dashboard screen that uses the data to generate a 360-degree image.

Pivo can be driven straight into a parking slot and, once the body has been swivelled around to face the opposite direction, driven straight out again,” according to a Nissan spokesperson.


1. U.S.S. Enterprise Inspired Nissan Terranaut

Designed for “scientists, geologists, archaeologists or adventurers”, Nissan’s 4×4 Terranaut features a “spherical laboratory” that is accessed from a 360 degree swiveling seat. Unfortunately, all these workstations leave room for only one passenger side door. [Source]

Honorable Mention – Fiat’s Truckster Concept

This strange-looking vehicle sports 28-inch rims, hydraulically controlled gullwing doors, LED headlights, aerodynamic spoiler, and smoked glass windows. It measures “6.48 metres long, 2.55 metres high and 2.49 metres wide”. [Source]

Honorable Mention – Rinspeed zAZen Concept

The “Rinspeed zAZen Concept” is powered by an inline-6 engine that generates 355bhp @ 6600rpm and 295 ft. lb torque @ 4600rpm — rocketing the 3295-pound vehicle from 0-60mph in 4.5-seconds. [Source]

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