LEDs can be used in many creative ways — from alarm clocks to dining tables — and we’ve selected ten of the coolest for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites? If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment.

10. 3D LED Cube

Chris Lomont and Gene Foulk created this RGB 3D LED cube for artistic purposes, it’s basically a “large, animated, self contained visualization cube of LEDs”. They are offering handmade 8 x 8 x 8 cubes for $3500.

“We know these prices seem high. The finished kits involve a LOT of labor on our part. The kits reflect the cost to us to get the PCB and case made, as well as cover PIC programming and testing.”


9. Cold Fusion Shower Head

Take a Cold Fusion Shower with this water-pressure powered, light up shower head. The LED color changes according to the water temperature. No batteries are needed, but you’ll have to shell out $105 for this nifty gadget. [Source]

8. Disco Dance Floor

It took approx. 10 months, 10,000 feet of wiring, 2,500 lines of c#, 448 RGB LED lights, and 7 controllers to build the disco dance floor. [Source]

7. Interactive LED Dining Table

Put simply, this is the coolest dining table we’ve seen yet. It consists of 448 multicolored LEDs — controlled using a 16-node 1-D analog computer network — that respond to input (motion) generated above the table. Video demonstration after the jump.[via Source]

6. Monome LED Music Interface

The Monome is an 8 x 8 playable LED music interface that connects to your computer via USB and transmits OSC/MIDI data through open source (hackable) firmware/software. Video clip after the jump.

From the article: “Touch the pads, and you can use this as a step-sequencer and remix tool (as in the example), but the real philosophy here is being able to do whatever you want, so think of the example video as just a start.”


5. The Original Disco Bar

Crammed into this otherwise normal looking bar are 120 RGB LEDs, 250-feet of cable, MIT-designed controller boards, and a built-in fridge. Put on some music and you’re ready to party. Video clip and more pictures after the jump.

“The bar is very safe actually. I have epoxy pretty much everywhere on the top, so its totally liquid proof. As for inside the cabinet, I’ll be putting some type of protection over the controller boards so in case someone reaches inside, they dont have to worry about bumping anything.”


4. Blue Bawls Automatic LED Light

To make your own “Blue Bawls Automatic LED Light”, you’ll need a 9V battery, photo-cell, NPN transistor (2N 4401), one super bright white LED, 100K ohms resistor, 470 ohms resistor, 9V battery snap, one empty bottle, and around 2-3 hours of time. Video clip after the jump.

From the article: “Ok get your mind out of the gutter. I am talking about the beautiful blue glass bottle that the Bawls soft drink comes in. I tried one the other day and thought the glass bottle could be used for something interesting.”


3. LED Throwies

A throwie basically consists of a 10mm diffused LED, lithium ion battery, and a rare-earth magnet all taped together.

LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any ferromagnetic surface in your neighborhood. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials.


2. Ethernet-Controlled LED Lamp

Alexandar Haubold has managed to create a multicolored touchpad/Ethernet-controlled LED lamp. It features two shades, each housing 252 LEDs — divided into clusters that “can be addressed individually at one of 23 different brightness levels”. The touchpad is separated into five different regions that control the intensity of each color. Overall, the LED lamp was quite a costly project — $3,857.46 to be exact. [Source]

1. High-Tech LED Rims

Spinner rims are so yesterday. Rims with built-in color LEDs become reality with “PimpStar”. These fully programmable wheels can display any image, logo, or text using the included software. Prices range from $12,500 (22″ w/tires) – $19,500 (26″ w/tires). Video after the jump.

“The included software allows you to create your own images and send them to each wheel individually or all wheels at the same time as you drive! You can even pre-load up to six images into each wheel and program them to change automatically at the time intervals you select.”


Honorable Mention – MIC: The LED Powered Lamp

Designed by Buro Vormkrijgers, the MIC is a tubular shaped LED powered lamp/pocket-light that has telescopic detachable “legs” for maximum portability. Its pmma-lense emits an ambient glow, ideal for reading a book or creating atmosphere. [Source]

Honorable Mention- LED Slippers

More than just a pair of regular slippers, Bright Feet’s Lighted Slippers have an LED built-in to each slipper which are activated by weight sensors. These comfortable slippers feature non-skid soles and can illuminate an area of 20-25 feet in front of you when the LED’s are activated. Powered by replaceable lithium batteries you can rest assured that they aren’t just one time use. Available now from BrightFeet in three different colors (beige/navy/black), at the price of $39.95 USD. [Source]

Honorable Mention -Color Changing LED Faucet

Presenting quite possibly the world’s first color changing faucet. There are LED’s integrated into this faucet that will change colors based on the temperature of the water. There is also “precise control” for baths, sinks, and showers. No word yet on availability.[Source]

Honorable Mention – Wood LED Clock

When turned off, this clock looks just like a regular block of wood. Once powered up, the LED lights display the time on this block of wood. Time adjustment knobs and a “power adapter” jack can be found on the back. These wooden clocks are made by Japanese company Takumi and are available now from Dynamism at the price of $379.99 USD. [Source]


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